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ASIS Amphibious Boat is making waves in boating industry after the launching of the first ASIS Amphibious boat.

ASIS boats is now offering the option of the amphibious system powered by Sealegs® on all its boats whether Fiberglass or Aluminum hulled.

After introducing the first ASIS Amphibious model on RIB’s that were powered by Inboard Engines through jet drives; ASIS Boats is now incorporating the amphibious system powered by Sealegs® on RIB’s motorized by Outboard engines; which makes the option available on entry-level boats and the boats much easier to operate.

With the manufacture of the first ASIS Amphibious boat, the RIB’s versatility has been given a massive boost. What makes the Amphibious Boat interesting is their systems approach, integrating land and marine technology to form a unique classification, the amphibian. The concept of the convenience of amphibious transportation is very appealing.

The traction system on land is all-wheel drive (AWD), allowing the boat to be launched into the water easily from any type of terrain; whether it is sand, gravel, mud or even snow. Moreover, the wheels don’t affect the hydrodynamicity of the boat since they are all fully retractable, and thanks to the reverse shine’s hull design of all ASIS Boats, the boat gets on a plane instantly.

The latest ASIS Boat Amphibious version is now available for test drive. Contact us now to book a time slot.


View our latest YouTube® Video with some heavy weather action. 


ASIS Boats delivers a 12 meters Passenger transportation Rigid Inflatable Boat.

ASIS Boats delivers 12 meters Passenger Transportation Rigid Inflatable Boat.

ASIS Boats has been awarded a contract to construct and deliver a passenger transportation boat that is capable of accommodating up to 25 passengers in an air conditioned-cabin environment. This boat is to be used by a contracting company that builds islands offshore. It will be used mainly to transfer the staff between the shore and the islands.

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